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from wwoof to barcelona

what a crazy 24 hours


so i haven´t written in a while, but im still definitly here and having quite the adventure!

the wwoof farm is great as always! i love the people there so much. everyones so happy and at peace. and at meal times people get together and made a huge pot of something. sometimes its ridiculously spicey, whiles other times its just a randome collection of flavors. a couple of them work at an organic store, and they bring home fruits, veggies and bread that the store cant sell anymore, this gives us quite the selection of great food.

kara got in a couple days ago, i think she was a little taken aback at first byu the hippieness of the farm, outhouse and all, but you get pretty comfortable there, so i think all went well.

there was this guy who stayed there for a day or two and he was like all dutch people extremely tall and he was the master of chai. not the powderstuff, no. he had all the exact spices to make the perfect cup. i went over to smell it and thought he was joking when he said, only stir to the right. but, then after talking i really saw that chai is his thing in life. very nice guy!

Chris and i, a guy from the farm went out to utrecht and he took me to his favorite international beer store- it was ridiculous, collections of belgium, german , dutch beers - i think i heard angel music. i got an organic beer, cherry, then blueberry beer, maybe another one, but the selection was incredible!

he told me there was a guy he met that for college they had to study something throughout europe, so this guy chose beer. chris taught me the way to taste it across your whole palate, blonde vs dark, and the differetn alcohol levels. me an expert? no, but im getting there!

then we went to cafe belgie a belgian pub, again full of a wide selection of quite a lot of beer and soup for a really good price. so far im a big fan of la chouffe, a blonde beer with a little gnome on it, but i also did have a lovely one called the duchesse du borgogne, very fruity but still held a good taste.

ok, enough about beer, the soup was really good too pumpkin lentil served with a large salad and frenchfries and get this- mayo. thats what dutch people dip their fries in. i tried it and its ok, but its better to dip it in the mayo and then the soap to get a creamyness to contrast with the spicy lentils.

i want to be a food critic. badly.

ok, so i i took kara there the night we were going to eindhoven for our adventures to begin! i think she liked it, but she doesnt drink beer or wine, but the soap was still good!

that was probably the only good thing to happen last night.

i can honestly say it was the worst night of my life.

we had to be in eindhoven for 600, but no busses went there that early, so we were planning on making our way to the airport and spending most the night there.

however that doesnt work when the airport closes.

we had no place to stay, but we talked to the very nice bus driver, (after she showed us pictures of her new baby- adorable!!!) and other than hotels she didnt know anywhere else to stay. we were brainstorming and she offered to bring us to a coffeeshop so we could meet some people possibly able to take us home. this of course is a horrible idea, but we thanked her, and she ended up giving us a free bus pass for going from mid town to the airport, which was about 5 euros, so that definitly helped us out.

kara and i walked around eindhoven for a while, but there was really no cheap places to stay.so we did the only thing possible and became homeless for the night. we found a little area protected by a wall, trees and some waterand set up the sleeping bag there.

this was horrible. at first it was kind of fun, getting all set up under the tree, but when its near freezing, the ground is wet its not so fun. we called a couple people to keep us busy and a bit warmer, but we really had to get some rest because the next thing was barcelona. so we tried to sleep. then it started to rain. once that started we started cracking up. tried to sleep again and we both woke up completley frozen. so i went into my pack and put on litterally every single layer of clothing i owned. i think it totaled 10 shirts, 3 pants, hat, gloves. the ground was so cold we actually moved the sleeping bag under us and used my rain jacket as a blanket.

we finally barely made it. early in the morning we got to frickin eindohoven and hopped on the plane to barcelona. but it was ryanair, so it was delayed, and instead of barcelona, it was a city near barcelona, making us take a bus to the actual city.

so with barely any sleep we arrived! horray! having only one day here we quickly got our plans together and set to the streets!

everythings lovely here- the archetecture is full of colors and curves a beautiful mosaics. we walked all day long, visiting a couple cathedrals, watching street performers, walking on the beautful boardwalk, and pretty much exhausting ourselves.

so now were back, and we will sleep beautifully tonight! i even took a shower (first one in 6 days- you know you need a shower when dreds start forming in your hair, yikes!)
it was frigid, but its the soap that matters!

so tommorrow were off to paris at 5:30 in the morning, hopefully we will be less zombies than we were today!

and as for pictures, riiiight....

o and another thing- its WARM HERE!!! with palm trees! hehe! jealous?

ok! cant wait to go to bed!
love u all!
i d love to hear from you!

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the holland wwoof farm

wow, his place is so differen han he las farm, its ridiculous! o, before i begin, on his keyboard the t is very hard o push. so i will probqbly be lacking>

so im here in holland, safe and sound! its not reqlly a family im staying with but insead a bunch of people. i havent exactly figured out who lives here and who doesnt, but i think it would be impossible to try. in holland one of there rights is the right to housing. so, if a place sits abandoned for a year, its within the peoples righs to move in. its called squatting, and thats how im here right now. some people squatted this abandoned fqrm house, did loads of work on it, and now all hey have to pay is electricity and water.

so the bathrooms even cooler than the last one! its a definite outhouse, including a cutout heart, its very nice!

so dinand pretty much told me about this place, he says, if ud like to do nothing arund here, do nothing, if u feel like building a bridge, build a bridge. so its pretty free and easy.
for sleeping arangements, we were having a little no bed crisis when this guy named jack said he had free room in his yurt. obviously i said yes, so im sleeping in a yurt, in a field next to a canal, pretty sweet! it gets a little cold at night, but its not bad at all.

so i went to the store to get some grocerys, but they couldnt accept my card, thankfully i had cash. so then i went to every atm in this town and they all said they couldnt make a connection with my bank. hmm a little concerning there.

oh well, i have som emergency money i can dip into while here, and i wont be spending a lot anyway.

so one of the cool things here is the closet of free clothes, they are all extremely funky and hippieish, very cool.

ok, so pics might be a little longer than when i thought, but they are coming!

much love to all

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change of plans

so... add an option to my last entry...


I got up really early (thats a lie) and we ate a big FRENCH breakfast- croissants, and chocolate croissants!! mmm! so we got all the kids strapped in, went to the train station, and when i tried to get a seat reservation with my europass, they were all full until 6am tommorrow. so guess whos back milking the cows?!

the upside is i did the whole ticket thing in french, which DEFINITLY shows progress! downside is i should have made my reservations 5 days in advance, but- now i know!

on the drive home it was beautiful, we went over this hill/ mountain and all the fall colors are beautiful, i was very happy in that moment.

once home the sky turned grey, so i spent the day reading, napping, and doing the last milking. i was really plmanning on taking a bike ride, but who wants to do that in the overcast cold? no one.

so tonight, some of phillippes and marie laureùs kids started showing up, we made crepes, they were amazing- i even got on the griddle for a while! but all of mine were very small, oh well!

how is it after a restfull day that all i want to do is sleep? hmmm...

ok! love to all!!

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life in the woods

i wonder where ill be tomorrow!


so today, i woke up and got the kids breakfasted up- we then watched anastasia, because i use to think it was a good movie, now qfter seeing it i think its pretty crappy. oh well!

had a few hours to myself, ate, read, computered, etc

then phillipe drove me in the tractor to somewhere in the woods and i played with the kids for about 4 hours- it was sweet, we found a salimander, had a swordfight, which led to a pig pile, and just ran around the woods for a while- its so cool how you dont really need to speak english with kids, theyll just laugh at anything!

so now were home- i milked the cows for the LAST TIME!!! ahhh!

so tommorrow i have 2 options:

option 1- go to the wwoof farm in holland, which would be totally fine.

option 2- go to paris, stay the night with isa, spend monday exploring paris and leave sunday night arriving in holland late. or maybe even staying 2 nights... however- ive been trying to reach isa but she hasnt gotten my message yet. so im not even sure if i can!

and also, with both options, i havent made seat reservations yet. i tried to do them on the computer, but it said it can only be done at the ticket booth or 5 days in advance- dont they know world travelers never know that far in the future?

ok, i might even shower tonight. i stink horribly.

and i need to pack. that usually takes an hour and a half.

ok, peace!

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solo wwoofer!

and she can cook!


Hello everyone !
So this is my first day without isa, and so far so good ! imiss her of course, but i think its also good for me to be alone in this environment for a while. Its funny how polar opposite this day has been as compared to the rest of the week- no english today, no girls today ! i was surrounded by french men- yikes !

Today was big bread day ! so i got up at 630, o wait let me back up- last night i slept on a piece of heaven ! i took my mattress and put it over isas and i realized she had a box spring under hers ! now my bed is bouncy ! i havent had that for about 2 weeks ! its sick !
So anyway, got up had breakfast (yesterday at the store i bought some granola/mueslix so i had cereal !) did the bread thing for a while.i stayed quiet most of all of the time. But it got made- in between one of the rounds i made dough for flour tortillas. After we were done making gallettes on the griddle thing, i did tortillas but more on that later !

So, bread bread bread, a little siesta in there somewhere, had gallettes for lunch, for my dessert round, i had it wwith banana and chocolate chips ! mmm ! then i got the cows, milked the cows (all by myself ! im kind of proud !) it was cool too because about 4 little kids sat on the milk tank and watched me as they munched on their petit pain chocolat. Got pictures of that ! then pee pee came in the room and all the kids ran out of there pretty fast.

So did that, then got hay out with phillippe, watered and gave milk to the calfs, etc nightly routine.

But then, i came inside and started a being a chef extrodinaire ! i started by making the bircher mueslix, taking the apples putting them in little slivers, ditto for pears, chopping bananas, adding yogurt and finally my cereal.

Next i started some rice, but thats boring. However i DID find soy sauce ! so that makes it a tad more exciting. Only a tad.

And then, for my master piece i took the tortilla bits and layed them as the first layer of what would soon become heaven in a dish. I took ground beef, onions, garlic, and found some hot pepper seasoning and layered it with more chips, cheese, tomatoes. Once that was done i put it in the still hot brick oven to keep warm. Once everyone was ready i went out in the garden and got some fresh lettuce leaves, chopped them up, and finally yogurt (but its not flavored, so its more like sour cream)

So how was it…. Awesome ! i havent had anything really spicey in a long time, and this was perfect ! when it got too spicy i mixed it with rice and the mueslix and it was perfection ! the kids dont like spicey food (didnt know that before) so they didnt want to try it- but im sure if there tongue even had one part of it, and they lost their fear of spicey foods, they would fall in love ! might have been a little hot for marielaure and phillipe, because they kept on blowing their nose throughout. But i thought it was very good. I give it a solid a !

Ok, im really tired- i think ill sleep in tommorrow, because its Saturday !

Love to all !

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