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oh la la!

overcast -2 °C

what a wonderful saturday! So i went to the skelligs, they are these islands in the middle of the ocean that monks used to live on, back in the day. Its about 500 steps to get up there, so i was pretty tired, but that soon died away, and i was taken aback by how amazing the place was. It looked like stone beehives that they used to live in, absolutely amazing. The boat ride was about an hour to get out there, and i was talking to the captain and he said that his daughter worked in bar harbor last year, small world, hu!

then the next island over was inhabited with 55,000 seagulls- i wish i could have taken pictures of that, but my camera crapped out... just the batteries, so its all good!

o! we got broadband (can u hear angels singing?) its still taking a while for the pictures to upload. i think i don't have enough memory on this site to upload them all, so i'll send the link for the site you can view them from!

o! i made dinner tonight- very exciting, it was a potato casserole, thin sliced potatoes, with cheese, butter cream, peas and my favorite BACON!!!!

ok, so i need to explain something- i'm usually grossed out by the whole meat thing- until i tried the bacon hear. oh. my. gosh. its not the burnt crap thats in the states, no, its beautiful. even raw from the package it smells wonderful. its almost a cross between bacon and ham. which makes sense, being from a pig. so good though... mmm....

ok! so i'll be back with the link soon!
shout out to laura... love you all!

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Still in ireland!



Guess what? no broadband! i guess they didn't feel like hiking of the hill today (something about a hernia? i didn't want details....) But they said definitly tommorrow... but they said that last week as well.. o well! i really wish i could put pictures up, but it'd take WAY too long...

Thank you to all who wrote emails! i love reading them! i get so excited when i have mail, and i'm so sorry that i haven't written most of you back- but i am thinking of you!

so today.. hmm... woke up and it was a bit below freezing, we have the heater about the size of a half toaster, which takes a bit to warm up, but it does the job! (by afternoon). A neighbor, Milly came over and we worked on some scarves, they look really nice. MH had one that had a white scarf that had a little green spot on it, he said i could definitly have it, so we died it purple! its very nice, i'm not sure how much i'll pay for it, but i'll wait till after tomorrow

Tomorrow i go to the skelligs! hoorah! they are these 2 huge rocks and one used to be a monistary and were abandoned- i've heard nothing but good things about them, and i'm really excited! More on that later!

I really love the news here- its all actual things that are going on, and the only celebrity news is that of the members of sports team, which i automatically zone out to anyways! I'm not sure if its come to the states yet, but theres a huge problem of blue tongue. its a sort of infection caused by 'midges' or small flies, very scary for all the farmers around...

O! today i went to the 'poly tunnel' (green house) and picked all the grapes, then sorted them, washed and crushed them. Soon we'll have wine! (well, i won't, cause i'll be gone by then, but MH will!)

SO i think i might head to dublin a few days early for a theater festival. and to just see the city. i feel bad, because of leaving so soon, but theres really not anything else for me to do. theres only so many dutch bookshelves that need alphabitizing in one house.

I really want to stay in some youth hostels and meet kids my own age, i've really been missing that lately.

I think thats all the news from here! i'd love to hear from you!

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all seasons in one day

Welcome to Ireland! I was so excited to read that sign as i landed at the Shannon airport! I giggled when i first heard the irish accent- its so adorable! It was a bit rainy when i landed, but i've gotten the impression thats how it is mostly. I got on to my bus connection fine, and although it was 3 am my time, i tried to keep my eyes open to look at the scenery passing me by. Switched busses in Limerick, I hit my head on the luggage door, twice.... My bag is VERY heavy, and with each step i took i could think of something that i should have left behind.

My stop was Kilarney and i waited about 3 mins until Mr. Harnett showed up. Lovely man! Very energetic which makes things fun,
We went to the grocery store 'tesco' and i followed him with the cart as he quickley pulled things of the shelf. There was a little cafe upstairs, and because of nerves, i didn't want to eat anything, so i had some fanta. It kind of felt like i was sleep walking because i was so tired.

We drove through Kilarney national/ state park- wow! to describe it would be a waste of 80 million pages, its indescribable- huge lakes with waterfalls, just grand! We went to Kenmare to see the Harnett's shop- Geekskemaria (look it up! its mrs.har. first name). Then we came 'home'

Rolling hills surrounding the Kenmare river that flows into the Atlantic, little white dots on the hills are sheep 'chillaxin' His house is about half way up the mountain, and full of crazy twists and turns to get there.
(European drivers are nuts. period. note to self- find out how much 60 km/hr is in mph, this is how fast he goes on 1 lane roads. holy crap- sometimes i'm scared for my life. sometimes...) anyway! So its gorgeous- i can't wait to have pictures up!

which reminds me- M.H. is getting broadband sometime this week. He was supposed to get it today, but we're not really sure what happened. I guess the person who puts in the broadband is a volunteer, and the reciever for the broadband is run from a combination of battery, sun and wind power.... so eventually, we'll get it, just not today!

I think i napped most of that day (jet lag= crap.) b

We drove to the next town- carahdaniel, again- adorable. all of the towns/villages have mostly the same things- post office, small store and a pu. o! and there are A TON of bed and breakfasts' around, and i think there about 30£ a night.. (i have no clue how much $) but its really cheap! so come vacation here!

We walked down the beach with the dog (finn), and up to this island with a VERY haunting graveyard and an abandoned stone church. Looking at it with the sunset and the ocean- really was amazing!

ok... so next day.. hmm... (i should have wrote sooner, i'm starting to forget)

we had porridge every morning, tastes like oatmeal except with warm milk. pretty good, very filling! Oh with this whole wwoofing thing, its a trade of room and board with some help around from me. Since he really doesn't NEED me, my work load has been light. i took all his books off his shelf, alphabitized and cleaned them. i must say, i did pretty well! i've been doing dishes, but probably the biggest thing is weeding the entry way- its about 20 feet long and sometimes 4 ft wide, and LOTS of weeds. After 2 days i'm about halfway done. My hands are a bit raunchy, but whatever, i can think of A LOT worse things!

O! the llamas! so theres 5 of them (soon to be 3 alpacas that keep on sneaking out of their owners gate so they are moving over here) They are the luckiest llamas in the world! they have a whole mountain to hand out on. And abandoned stone houses to chill in. I asked how often should we feed them, and MH said that they just eat whats around (and there is a lot of that).

So one of the last few days i took a hike to carahdaniel. So far i think thats one of my favorite things i've done. Although i was alone, it was still amazing- its probably a 2 hour hike to town, but i was a total tourist and took lots of pictures along the way. Its funny, because the path i walked on cuts through peoples properties (over gates= fun), so i was walking and when i looked up a cow was in front of me! Not being a cow person, all i could think of was the running of the bulls in spain, and stood there not moving for about 10 mins, until it noticed me and backed away. Also passed a lot of sheep. A lot of sheep, A LOT O SHEEP!! haha! i still get excited when i see them though! I took a cool picture that looked like i was eating about 5 of them in the background! haha... ya, its weird.

I went up over the mountain and on the other side is caradaniel. I went to the pub and had my fist guiness of ireland!! I met this really nice couple from austrailia who stayed in youth hostels, even though they were about 60, just to talk to the 'youths', a bit creepy, but they were very nice!

I then started walking to a famous house, (i always forget the guys name- but he was nicknamed 'the liberator.' and did a lot of non violence for catholic rights stuff back in the day. i went through the house and saw all his old stuff. afterwards i thought... ' yup, thats a lot of old stuff.' He did have a chair/ throne thing that was cool, it had a greyhound/ some type of dog carved out of wood, with a gold collar and ruby eyes. the eyes creeped me out.

his back yard was the beach so i chilled there for a bit. HUGE waves- very clear water. so i watched some guy fish for a bit, then went on a nature walk around his 'garden' he collected south american plants. which are nice... kind of... some just looked like sticks in the ground. i think they aren't in ireland for a reason. whatever...

the weathers been great, every hour or so a black cloud will come by and rain a bit, but once thats done its really bright and sunny. TOTALLY forgot my sunglasses. dad even asked if i had them. oh well!

oh! about a mile away is this sweet fort! its called staigue fort. i'm probably spelling that horribly but i think thats been a common theme in this entry. its this huge round 'building ish' that was just left. Its surprising howmany stone huts there are decaying around. they are all beautiful, but very eery.

another day ago, i helped make a scarf-

Dear mrs. West-

THANK YOU for teaching me how to felt and card and do sweet things with wool- its REALLY REALLY helping here!
thank you!

So we take a silk piece of material and layer it with different colors of wool, and they come out looking gorgeous- i think that is going to be my souvenir from here, there a bit pricey, but i haven't really spent my money on anything else other than chocolate.

WHICH IS AMAZING!! everytime i go to the general store i try a different chocolate. last time it was turkish creme from cadbury- tasted just like a rose smells! and the chocolate- hersheys deserves to be punched, hard.

hmm.. i hope i'm not forgetting anything! if you want to write me a message- i love emails: fairmare16@comcast.net

I love you all and i am of course missing you!
much love!
mary me

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Mt Morgan Trail

The last hike with dad :(

sunny 15 °C

What a day! Spent the morning with mom- I got a sweet day bag that fits in a poach, and sweat/jammy pants, and quality time! awww!

THEN went hiking with dad! We went up near Squam lakes in the Sandwich region (pity we didn't bring any sandwiches!!!) in NH. The weather was perfect, a little chilly on the ground but once u started moving it got pretty hot fast! mt__morgan_017.jpg

this is me at the trail head- PRE sweat. Trail was well groomed! We hiked 2 mountains, percival and morgan, per. had a better 360 view, but morgan had better lake view. Bother were nice- although getting up per. was a bit steep.


This is a cool fungus/mushroom thing. I really don't know what it is, but it was about the size of a large dinner plate. Kind of looks like a rose... anyway....


THE CAVES!! these were pretty sweet! Took me a bit to find the first one, i probably should have seen the arrows, but thats ok! dad got a good laugh out of it! Check out the boulders all around- crazy, right?


Note to self, next time i'm doing this, put stuff closer to the entrance!! again.. dad laughs...


Ya! we made it! I always get hyper when we reach the top! sweet!

I forget which one this was! mt__morgan_043.jpg

Dad and i! awww... And sweet view!

And as for the climb down- It wasn't that hard, just a bit scary- the ladders freaked me out a bit, but weren't that bad.


Sorry for the butt shot, but yes, it really was that steep! kind of fun though!

So we survived, so thats good...

After we went to the common man restaurant- it was adorable!

I ate so much- I mean, i really pigged out, i had a cuppa melon tea (i must find more of that, its REALLY good!) to drink, and we had crackers and dip and cheese to munch on until our food came. To start i had a salad with blue cheese, and an appetizer was ravioli stuffed with creamy goat cheese, and fresh relish with sundried tomatoes on top. As my entree, i had rainbow trout topped with sunflower and fennel seeds, a "medly" of veggies, and really spicy mashed potatoes... mmm! the trout was really good but the skin on the bottom grossed me out a bit, i tried to eat some, but i don't think its very edible. Dad had steak tips, i tried some (gasp! its ok- i've been starting to eat meat so i'm not a picky eater when i travel) but was thankful i was eating what i was eating!

and then my favorite part- dessert: 2 creme brulees mmm! one was traditional with a little cookie sticking out of it, while the other was white chocolate raspberry! omg! to die for! dad liked the traditional one so i scarfed the raz! delicious!

wow- 3 more days! am i ready? heck no!

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Crazy Summer

Goldenrod's the place to be!

overcast 17 °C

Wow- what a crazy- non stop summer!
Almost every day i've been at York beach waitressing at Goldenrod. It was definitly a good experience. I've never waitressed before, So its a good skill to learn in that respect. Will i do it next year? hmm.. hard to tell. Although thats how it is most everywhere

I've made double what i thought i'd make- which is amazing! That destresses things just a little.

Favorite things this summer?
Vaughn island and Sky diving.

VAughn Island is my second home- I love it so much there- so peaceful and quiet yet full of crazy energy. Maybe its connected with the island from ABC's LOST... That'd be cool.

And then skydiving- Wow- i never thought i'd ever do it but its definitly my favorite thing i've ever done. standing 14,000 feet in a plane ready to drop out strapped to an amazing italian man is well... indescribable. And i'll never forget the feeling during the aff (accelerated free fall - ya i can use cool lingo) when it feels like air is holding you up- your floating but its really windy. Peace and chaos all at the same time. amazing. Next summer i'm going to learn to do it solo, than the summer after i'd like to learn how to teach it.

So now theres 7 days left before i leave, still no ticket and i'm a bit freaked out by that. It will all work out though, it always does. I think the ticket package i've decided on is boston to dublin, on sept 20, then on december 5th paris to boston. thats around 500 bucks- a lot, but i'm sure worth it.

I feel like i'm not ready at all.. oh well... thats life! if we were all ready it wouldn't be as exciting!

had a beautiful breakdown today- long time coming, all good now!

much love to all!

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