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well- i made it to germany! I woke up at about 3 am this morning and took a taxi ride to the airport. Hopped on a plane (i love ryanair! cheap tix- dublin to berlin 50 bucks! ya!) then i spent the day realizing i probably should have learned some german before coming. i did a lot of pointing, but for the most part stayed quiet.

i hopped on and off 3 trains until i finally reached chemnitz. i was getting a bit afraid because i knew i had to wait a few hours at chemnitz, and all the stations before were broken down shacks with a lot of grafiti and way too much sketchyness.

but chemnitz was nice! ate something german (i'm not sure what it was) and met isa's dad- very nice, he speaks no english and between us it was a bit funny.

we picked up isa from her last day of work and its so nice to see a familiar face!
ok, i'm tired!

cool letters- ÖÜ


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today was the day to explore dublan! hoorah! it was rainy the first half but then the sun came out!

i bought one of those hop on hop off tickets for a tour bus and did it first the whole circle. my first stop was collins baracks, it was a museum with an old viking ship and a lot of military history stuff. I browsed through that for a bit,

then i went to oscar wilde's statue. he was a great man, with a sweet statue. this is my favorite quote: 'i will never let schooling get in the way of my education' haha! so funny!

o- then i went to see the book of kells. not very good. i think if i was religious it might mean something, but i thought it was really boring. i tried reading the brochure, but i was even too bored with that to finish it. oh well!

i walked around the area called temple bar for a bit, went to a couple photo galleries, had gelato. saw many drunk people. not my favorite part.

so i kept riding the bus getting off randomly, until the last tour which was at 5. it was between a tour of guiness ( which i'd have to walk to and its way far away) or a tour of jameson whiskey.

holy crap.

note to self- figure out how to get home BEFORE you tour a whiskey place. so there was only 9 people in the tour, and they asked for 4 volunteers, i raised my hand (why not?) and wow. before i knew it i had 6 large whiskey tasters in front of me. out of all of them i picked jameson as my favorite (lucky guess) and was awarded a jameson taster diploma- hoorah!

i was a little chemically imbalanced after that, but i found my way home thanks to the help of a few elderly ladies- god bless'em...

O! last night was great- i went to the movies and saw an AMAZING film- it was called ROCKETSCIENCE. i don't know if its out yet in the states, but definitly go see it. its amazing.

after i went to a pub (i said i wouldn't but it was really close to the hostel) and talked to this irish old man for about 2 hours. he started in english, and i kept on listening to his stories (which made absolutly no sense. about and hour and a half in, he switched to gailic. i had no clue what was going on, but i just smiled and nodded, and then went back to the hostel.

slept really well.... yup!

ok so tomorrow i have to get up around 3am to go to the airport. yikes! i'm hoping to get a taxi. a bit pricey but i think worth it.
once landing in germany i have to get to chemnitz. not sure how i'm going to do that one... but i'll figure it out, eventually.

its strange, but all of dublin smells like beer.
i guess when it distills, 20% comes out every year, and they call that the angel's beer. seems they really like it.

so pictures won't be up for awhile, (dad- could u please bring the attacher cord for my camera? i'd appreciate it! love u!!!)

ok! peace out!

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so i'm really not a big fan of cities. I got off the train and had no clue where i was, so- i started walking..... about 2 hours later (carrying my now way, way WAY too heavy bag) i found the hostel. Its nice, warm. but i was hoping to meet people here, and there is bearly anyone here :(. I'm kinda lonely. so once i got my stuff sorted, i went out for a long walk to wherever i felt like going. i was STARVING so i stopped at a small market shop and got a water, bread, cheese (as europeans do!) and a chocolate bar. i ate the chocolate, but theres really no place to eat the bread and cheese.

the city- is just a city. cold, concrete, noone smiles- blah... not a big fan.

it was hard saying goodbye to mr. harnett, i need to stop crying everytime i leave, the travel industry is going to think i'm a constant cryer.

This would be a great city to go out to a pub, but having really never been in one (other than small town one) i'm not going alone.

i'm definitly more of a small town person...

tomorrow i'm planning on getting a bus pass and checking out some sights, that should be fun, but for now... i'm not having so much fun...

oh well...

so on thursday i have to be at the airport at 4:30 am. i'm thinking taxi, i was planning on walking, but i'm not so sure how much my back can take.

keep the emails coming! i love hearing from you!

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i have the link!

i have the picture link!

well after a long time coming- i HAVE the link! i hope it works! they are all out of order, but at least they are there!

if anyone knows a better site to put pics on thats easier to use than photobucket, PLEASE let me know!


then i'd press slideshow just to see them better!
good luck!

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one more thing

forgot to share!


before i forget- so we were driving to the port, and mh, love him to pieces, is a crazy driver. the roads are opposite here, but he has a car like the ones in america (driver on left, me on right) so when we drive anywhere i'm situated in the middle of the road, so we're driving along and as this car passes i hear a BANG! like a gun shot, i almost jumped out of the seat! what had happened was the side mirror caught the other side mirror. its totally smashed- a bit crazy, and scared me half to death! i survived yeah!!!

these roads would probably be considered 1 lane in the states, but here on the craziest cliff spinny roads they go 60 mph. its nuts. kind of makes it like an amusement park ride. kind of...


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