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what a week! sorry i havent written in a while, but eh! what can u do when ur having an adventure!!!

so i think i went over the basics before, and there are actually about 35 les vaches- cows, and i officially know how to milk them all!!!! you start with telling the dog (la loup- the wolf) to tu vas les vaches! and she pretty much rounds them up! o! i forgot the outfit- a sweet jumpsuit w some lovely merdekickers!! ok, so you get all the cows in this small area and they magically line up to be milked. After wiping down the udders, you have to pre milk them. This is when i really feel like a farmer because i actually milk them! After milk starts coming out i plug them into this vacuum thing and away they go! Pretty cool!

So the first couple days i got here were pretty interesting- im happy i can speak the amount that i can, but i am really lost most of the time, thankfully another wwoofer came (isa- ironic, no?) from boston who speaks fluently and has really helped me out! Im going to be really sad when she leaves because she has been really fun to work with.

I think one of the first days manon asked if i wanted to go to the circus… of course i couldn’t say no, so we rode our bikes about 10 mins to a very small tent in a parking lot. It was frickin adorable. It was a family- the mom sold tickets and ballons, the dad was the clown; and their 2 daughters did all the acts- juggling, balancing, rodeo roping hula hooping, pretty much everything! All throught the show they kept on teasing the audience ( of about 20 people) that there was going to be an elephant! So at the end they took to small boys, had them croach down and put an elephant costume over them- it was very adorable!!! Then the clown held the trunk and pulled them around until they fell over!! Everyone was laughing it was really amazing! I loved it when the girls came out and struck a pose, mostly because of the hairy armpits! It made me giggle!!!

The next morning i got up and started making bread! They have a very cool bakery and with another guy neiull (a neighbor) we kneaded bread for about 2 hours. When all the petit loaves were good (including plain; chocolat, poppy, sesame, walnut, gluten free, and bacon) neuil started the fire in the stone oven. He starts by throwing a ton of wook in until its mostly embers, then he opens a hole the size of a pie plate and with a special tool scrapes all of the super hot embers into the lower oven. After; he takes a rag on a pole and swings it around to clean off the oven. And finally we put the bread in!

And the chocolate bread is heaven sent.

So other things ive been up to… moving hay for the cows ( i get to use a sweet pitch fork and everything!) giving the baby cows milk, petting kittens, having siestas, its all pretty sweet!

Weve been to a couple town the last couple days, laval and another one, very fun to walk around, have a coffee and a crepe, munch on pasterys from the patisserie- life is good!

So TODAY we went to mont st michel. It is gorgeous- very breath taking! Its this huge island with a church/ monastary at the top and a village circling it below- very cute! The parking was pretty funny! Since its an island on the ocean there is a crazy tide. There was a sign that said: at 19:00, all cars here will be covered by the sea. Oh.

So i have pictures but this computer is as slow as a stubborn cow- so it might be a while on those…

After that we went to st. Malo. I think it was even prettier than mont st michel. There was this HUGE beach with jagged rocks, parasailors, chateauxs, and on the other side there was a walled midevil city zith twisting streets and cobblestones through little alleys- truly a fairy tale! So of course me and isa #2 had coffee and crepes! Food time!!

The crepe was perfection: carmelized peaches cut into thin slices with a sweet cherry jam, some type of liquor, folded and on top was real whipped cream and a small scoop of heavenly ice cream. Mmm my mouth is watering!!

So i just remembered another food thing- nieull invited isa and i to his house the other night to roast chestnuts! Of course we said yes!

We started the night with a glass of (homemade) walnut wine while we nibbled on organic carrots with homemade blue cheese dressing, onion and ham on a thing pastry, and little bits of quiche. Then (litterally over an open fire) we took the chestnuts sliced them with a knife so they wouldnt explode and roasted them- they were delicious!! Almost salty on the outside and sweet right in the center. After more wine came the desserts. Let me just start by saying this: god bless the french- all of them.

These wonderful people had not one but 4 desserts: the first was a sort of sweet milk rice which taks about 8 hours to cook and had a flavor indescribable, the first bite actually took my breath away- i am serious. After was a carmelized apple tart. Beautiful to look at and eat! And after that was little pears that had been marinating in some sort of liquor and berry sauce, amazing. And last but not least was really something that ive never seen before. It was long strips of sugary wet candy with some natural fruit essence. Again took my breath away.

Hmm other food! Oh gallett! We make them on Friday after the big bread day ( pretty much the bread thing i said before except times 3). They are like crepes with a less sweet flour. Once made u put them on a frying pan and crack an egg over it and add a ton of cheese mushrooms and leeks- yummm!!!

So i might have said before everything is organic here, which is really healthy! Speaking of health, ive been sick ever since i got here- it started with stuffy nose (since then iùve learned a new vocab word from manon- ronfler or to snore) then went right dozn my throat. Since my host mom is into homeopathic stuff ive been drinking a lot of pretty crappy tasting mystery drinks with tastes mixed like- bad milk, citrus, and pure salt. Not so good, but i can only hope it will make me better!!

The kids are pretty funny, natan is adorable, and his smile will light up a room. Manon is a wild child zith a head full of mischief. Ill be looking for my dictionary and shell magically find it under her dresser.. merci manon…. Or onetime she just decided to take my pillow for the night. I got it back eventually, but still a bit frusterating. But she hasnt found my hidden stash of chocolate yet! Muah ha ha!!!

Ok! Tomorrows a bread day! Much love to all of you!
Pics will be up eventually, but dont hold your breath!

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