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the last week in europe


so, since the last entry, lots have happened! i did get the job as a pub crawl guide- i did that for a whole week. id start by handing out flyers for about 5 hours each day and then from 8 to 4am i went out with the group of tourists and had such an amazing time! i was pretty exhausted by the end, but it was such a fun expereince! then i headed to the farm for a day, said a final goodbye to everyone in utrecht. very sad to do that.

then i headed to paris and saw the monument i missed, very pretty.

now im home, exhausted from jetlag, and im definitly going to take a nap. now....


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pictures! finally!

french wwoof

so i've started the long process of getting the many pictures online! yikes! i could only do abou 1/3 because even the super speedy computer at this cafe couldnt handle it!
so here is of the french wwoof farm:

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amsterdam with kara!



so before i describe amsterdam, i dont want to forget the ryan air experience.

ryan air is this great budget air plane that has ridiculously cheap flights all over europe. i think each of our tickets cost about 20 bucks. not bad right? sure they are usually early in the morning, and land in not the exact city, but an hour or two away, but its still pretty cool.

since the tickets are so cheap they bombard you with advertisements during the flight. right as u sit down ur handed a magazine of stuff u can buy. after lift off they come around with a cart of pretty expensive snacks and drinks. then when your just about to drift of to sleep, they come around with scratch tickets. a little while later they have a cart of perfumes you can buy, and finally when ur just about to descend they come around with ryanair calendars availible for purchase. yikes! its quite the experience, even funny at times, unless your dead tired...

ok, so amsterdam- its still beautiful! we got into our really nice hostel- stayok. had a bit of trouble because i guess i only reserved one bed instead of 2, but it worked our allright in the end. we walked around amsterdam for a long while, went to a few of the markets, and i saw someone from the farm working at one of the stands, so we got together and had dinner out with him, very nice, a bit too spicey, but still nice.

he left, and kara and i walked around a bit, but eventually ended the night with a fabulous pub crawl!

the next day, we again walked around and went to a few more markets and then went to a bar with live music and chilled out a little bit. then the next day she left back for the usa. :(

so it sounds like we didnt do much, but there was a lot of walking, and i think we saw a lot!
so im staying here for an extra day or two, i might be getting a job as a pub crawl person, i have my interview in a little bit, who knows?! if not, then ill go back to the farm, then to paris- then home!

its so weird to think of going home, ive gotten really used to life in europe. hmmm...


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finally have some free time! plus i had a genius idea- instead of paying for the time im writing a blog, i can do it not on the internet, saving money! sweet! so i think i left off on going to milan.

we got there pretty early and were in for somewhat of a shock. i really dont know what i was expecting in italy, but it definitly wasnt the cold, raining, chaoitic place that it presented itself to be. immediatly after stopping off the bus from the airport we were instantly harrassed by these guys selling umbrellas. i think if one more asks me if id like one i will flip. after they see me say no to the guy in front of them, what is the chances that i will change my mind? none.

so it was rainy and cold, and very dirty. add very little sleep and we were feeling somewhat unnerved. we were used to meeting people who spoke mostly english, but no one did. time to learn italian- fast! then we saw this guy almost go pee on a wall then a police officer slammed him into the wall resulting in him screaming and being arrested. lovely.

so we couldnt figure out where the hostel was so we took a taxi. by that time i just wanted to get there as quick as i could, and the lovely taxi driver changed the price from 10 euros to 15 in the last 2 secs. grr. oh well. we got there.

we were met by a creepy cleaning lady in our room. we just wanted to go to bed, so we got ready and by that point she was sitting on the bed opposite us in a full out stare. yikes. but i think i might have been to tired to care, because i went to bed. its horrible to take a nap when u go to a country, but im going to put that under studying the culture becasue in italy they take lovely siestas. we just happened to take a 2 hour one. we woke up to the angel music of english speakers in our room. they were two independent traveling guys, one from cali the other vancover. One was there because he won some money in poker- 11,000. lucky right?!

so kara and i were starving by that point so we asked someone where pizza was, it turned out right near the hostel and it was- beautiful.

the crust was thin, and no sauce but with 4 differnt lovely cheeses- mmmm....

we then went back to the hostel and met up with the guys and all decided to go to the duomo. its this really cool dripping looking church, very pretty. its funny how it sneaks up on you. i was just walking up the metro steps and this beautiful place happened along- lovely! we went inside and talked a while.

after we went to see the last supper. eh.

THEN we went to a bar and talked for a really long time. ok, so maybe it wasnt a really cultural enriching italian trip, but i still have some good memories.

ok, tommorrow ill write about amsterdam- i promise.

maybe pictures soon?

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and more coming!

so first off let me start out by saying thanks to my whole family for those sweet thanksgiving pics, i loved them! certainly put a smile on my face to see stuff happening at home!

so where did i leave off? PARIS!

how was it? incredible! im so excited to go back later on to see more of the sites! kara and i started out trying to find the hostel, that took a bit of effort because it was very far away on a street thats name was everywhere! i think if i ever see another richard linoire street sign ill explode! we go there, i rock some french action and we get a room,

next we went out and started rocking (but when did we stop?) we were very hungry so we got a croque monsieur. this is a type of sandwich that french teachers drill into your head in french 1. you learn 3 things:
-bonjour, ca va?
-merci beacoup
-croque monsieur.

so, after hearing so much about it, i of course had to try one! its this sandwich wich ham on this inside and cheese ontop of all the bread- and it was delicious, but then again, we were pretty starving! then we took the metro to champlycee, its kind of like a long blvd with trees, and beautiful houses, and frenchy things! walked around there for a bit. its funny everytime i even got a glimpse of the eiffle tower from far away i had to smile!i kept on thinking "im in france!" ya!

so then, we wanted to take a bus tour so we somehow found a tour bus and hopped on. it was really fun, seeing all the sights while driving really fast.

and then the city went nuts, the metro people went on strike leaving every car in the city on the road. this of course led to a crazy traffic jam. there was also a protest going on. not sure what it was about, but everyone in it wore black. perhaps pro goth?

when we finally finished the loop we got out around the eiffle tower. it was perfect timing because the sun was just setting and its lights came on. of course kara and i bought a french hat for all of the pictures, so we looked like ultimate tourists! took really fun pictures there! im so anxious to get them online! theres so many by this point its going to take forever! oh well! itll happen eventually!

so with the metro being kaputzed, kara and i picked out a restaurant from the super cool touurist giude book and it was delicious! the waiter was really nice and explained the menu to us with a few jokes along the way! very classy place.

i started out with a glass of beaujolais wine. ive heard about it before and i know it only comes out once a year, and this is the time, it was really good, a bit sweet for a red, but good just the same! we had some crusty bread with a creamy sauce, very good to start with. then for an appetizer we shared ravioli with a thick crust of cheese on top, very delicious, but the entree was the best-
she had a beef with a dark sauce, it was tender and pretty delicious
i had a roast duck with a glaze on top- even more delicious!
dessert was a mille feuille, a layered pastry with cream inside, and kara had a lovely coffee thing, we both had coffee as well mm!

so that was a lovely experience! but what followed was not so cool- it took us about 3 hours to get home because we walked and got lost. yikes! but it was kind of fun walking because in the metro you dont see to much, and we definitly saw paris!

we missed a few things like sacre couer, the louvre, and probably a few more, but we had a lot of fun!

The next morning, way to early we got up and went to the airport for milan.

ill write more about that later! for now im going to explore amsterdam a bit more!
miss you all!

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